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Ways to Store Ammunition

When it comes to storing weapons and ammo, whether for protection or for purposes like hunting, keeping them pristine is a large challenge. The piece of mind that your favorite gun or the shells that you love using are preserved is something that everyone needs to have as a gun owner.

So how do you keep your weapons secure and safe? Well, if you have the funds to buy and install an ammo storage safe, go with that. But there are a few other ways to keep ammunition safe, and they can easily be done.

Guns and ammo are designed to be used in a variety of environments, from the heat to the cold and everything in between. However, prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions will cause a major problem. If your guns are stored in a place with normal humidity and normal room temperature, then they can last.

ammo storage safe

Being placed in constant extremes at temperatures around 150 degrees Fahrenheit will cause problems. Keeping guns and ammo stored inside a locked car will do this, especially on a hot day, and the gunpowder will dry out. Temperature fluctuations can also damage the shells, so the storage space should have a relativity constant temperature.

The ammunition should also not be exposed to water, as humidity can seep in and ruin the casing of the bullet. This can jam the gun and prevent it from firing, so keep guns away from humid environments. 

Finally, there are bags, cans, and other storage devices designed to protect ammo and guns from heat and humidity. So, if you absolutely have to store your weapons in such an environment, then you can have a little bit of proven protection. With the correct storage, your weapons can last for quite a long time and will be useable when you need them.