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What Your Kids Should Wear to a Horse Show

Attending a horse show is fun and exciting, but there is a dress code that guests are expected to adhere to for the day. Don’t worry because the dress code is very simple, so even your first horse show will be a great success with very little effort required. Read below to learn what to dress your kids in when attending a horse show and purchase these items for the event.


Kids have fun wearing breeches and it really completes the western look that you’re after. They’re comfortable and certainly add the ambiance to any western look. Choose a pair of breeches in a khaki color or light grey for the best results. They should fit slimy and shouldn’t wrinkle around the knees or the thighs.


The shirt chosen to wear to the horse show should be tucked into the breeches. It should have cuffs, but they shouldn’t hang over the hands. The shirt should offer a slim fit and be a different color than the breeches. Many people like drop back hemmed shirts because they don’t come untucked very easily.

Kids western belts


Boots are a quintessential item to wear to complete the western look at a horse show. All kids should wear in their boots before the day of the show for comfort, however. Kids under 13 should wear jodhpur boots in a black or brown color. Tall lace field boots are worn by kids over the age of 13.


Your child may need a few accessories to complete their look. One of the most popular accessories is Kids western belts. A belt adds flair to the look, especially when a great belt buckle is chosen. Some kids want to wear gloves. If your child wants to wear gloves, choose a pair of black, breathable gloves.